Software Migration & Maintenance Solutions


We have deep expertise in emerging and legacy technologies and have broad experience across industries and domains to script your migration. SinuousTech has helped global corporations successfully handle large scale and specific migration initiatives in strengthening their competitive edge.


Our Software Migration
& Maintenance Services

Products created a few years in the past cannot support future aspirations. Through reengineering, we give an edge to your product. Our services will empower you to improve user acceptance through UX rebuilding, improve performance, add scalability and flexibility to existing applications.


Our Focus Areas

SinuousTech focuses the software migration solutions to address the complex business challenges. With our wide range of services, we provide next generation solutions to our clients. Our reliable, innovative, and high-performance solutions help to solve the business problems and achieve maximum return on your investments

Detail Assessment
Application systematization, inventory recognition, migration strategy & roadmap definition. We have highly skilled specialists to design and provide solutions to each customer's requirement.
Testing & Support
We enhance your product’s usability, security, and quality with a comprehensive range of QA services post migration. We provide IT support services to assist with server and network problems, upgrades, configuration of applications.
Migration Planning
Our experts develop a plan to accomplish a successful software migration, the type of source and destination, virtual or physical architecture you′re migrating between, and the application data volume, specifically the dynamic data volume requiring migration
Re-engineering & Migration
SinuousTech delivers end-to-end software migration services to clients who want to transform their legacy web or mobile applications to blazing fast, extremely stable and vastly secure systems on new-age software application platforms.

Our Implementation Principles

We use our best implementation methodology to ensure every project stays on budget and on schedule. We always try to reduce the costs to deliver a better quality and highly performed software.

Clear Objectives
Establishing objectives of a project is an activity that takes place during the planning process to determine what the project is supposed to accomplish when ended
Transparency & Agility
Our flowcharts, structure plan & milestone plan tools help you stay on track.We use iterative methodologies to our workflow to guarantee interactivity & flexibility services.

Usability is what we are focused on first. Moreover, our values include accessibility, learnability, and ease of use for our customers. All software built by our company has a user-friendly design and is very simple to learn.
Remain Adaptable
While every effort has been made to anticipate the needs of the future in developing the appliction,we always remain adaptable in changing conditions and circumstances.

Be Accountable
We maintain a clear system accountability by considering everyone to be accountable and to hold each other accountable. It is ultimately responsible for the project’s success.
Risk Recognition
It’s our the duty to evaluate risks regularly. We always keep in mind that our project is a unique endeavor with strict goals concerning costs, appointments, and performance.