Big Data


Our experienced Big Data developers and scientists assist you in integrating Big Data into your overall IT roadmap, architect and implement the Big Solution to take your business to the next level. Our experts have a unique approach to provide BigData Solutions for your business.


Our BigData Services

We have built capabilities around Big Data platform implementation from ETL, data processing, compute, visualization, reporting, analytics, data modelling and data science which enables us to offer end to end Big Data and Data Engineering services

Data Development
We are experts across big data technologies such as Hadoop (HDFS, Map Reduce, Hive, Pig, Flume, Sqoop, Oozie, ..etc), Kafka & Spark. We help businesses design, architect, implement and integrate data assets to derive meaningful insights without any data loss.
Maintain & Support
We provide complete support and maintenance services to our clients for BigData infrastructure. Our ongoing maintenance includes bug-tracking and fixing,technological upgrades and basic feature enhancement
Data Visualization
Our experts use various tools to produce visuals and stories that results high business impact. We generate custom dashboards, reports, alerts and metrics after analysing your data coming from various sources
Testing & Automation
Our Testers verify data in a three stage validation including data stage validation, MapReduce Validation and output validation followed with performance testing of big data applications to ensure data quality, accuracy, consistency and completeness.