SinuousTech provides DevOps as a managed service to run applications in the cloud. We work closely to help your team to successfully leverage the benefits of the cloud and ensure your environment runs efficiently and effectively.


Our DevOps Services

We offer DevOps Auditing and Consulting, Automation Services, Cloud Consulting and Implementation, Virtualization, Configuration Management, Container Technologies, Workflow Automation, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Performance Measurement & KPI.

Apply DevOps
We help you improve the collaboration and communication between your developers and IT professionals to automate the process of software development. We help to establish a culture and environment where building, testing, and releasing software happens rapidly & very frequently.
Maintain & Support
Our DevOps Support and Managed Services empowers enterprises to accelerate their DevOps adoption and sustain the process with 24x7 support.
DevOps Management
Our experts help you with managing the health of your continuous delivery. Our DevOps Solutions look after continuous deployment, release management, replica environment, performance optimization.
We help you to reduce software development costs, delays and environment cost. We provide services like environment automation, configuration automation and Testing automation.